Windows support in Qubes

Hi @unman,

Buried within those 6 pages of github projects, I think I see 8 different github projects for Windows.

GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-installer-qubes-os-windows-tools
GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-builder-windows: Qubes builder plugin for windows
GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-gui-agent-windows
GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-core-agent-windows
GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-windows-utils
GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-vmm-xen-windows-pvdrivers: Qubes component: vmm-xen-windows-pvdrivers
GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-builder-windows-cross: qubes-builder plugin for cross-compiling Windows code from Linux
GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-vmm-xen-win-pvdrivers-xeniface: Xen Windows pvdrivers: xeniface

Is that all of them, or are there more?

Do they have to be built/installed in a particular order?

Is there one all-encompasing github project, or is Windows support really fractured into a bunch of independent projects? (There’s only one “Windows support”, so having 8 separate packages in order to build QWT seems like a maintenance nightmare.)

I hope you didn’t go wading through those pages - that’s what the search
tool is for.

I think you should try to understand how the Qubes build process works,
and how the elements work together.
It isn’t that support is “fractured” but that there are different parts
to the Qubes packaging. (Compare windows to the standard Linux build.)
qubes-builder-windows will build in the right order, and create

I’m hoping you can provide a little more assistance than telling me to learn the build process. For example, where is the build process documented? Is there a URL or a README that is up to date?

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GitHub - tabit-pro/qubes-windows-tools-cross: Qubes Windows Tools build with mingw, wine and qubes-builder - this collects all the needed pieces together. Testing is greatly appreciated. I think @jevank may say few more words about it (see also comment at Windows support in Qubes - #5 by jevank).

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I`ve added README with build instructions, hope it helps. While testing it have found incorrect submodule link, fixed now :man_facepalming:

@elliotkillick if you have R4.1 test machine we could make your amazing tool compatible with this version of QWT. Msi package instead of exe is core difference I hope.

@hackerfactor USB support is not a part of QWT project, but it almost ready for testing repos. Follow the update-status github repository.


Ah… you’re cross-compiling from wine! I bet the cross-compiling no longer works with Win10!

@jevank Your comment that USB support is not a part of QWT seems to contradict the documentation. The documentation at Contents/ at master · Qubes-Community/Contents · GitHub explicitly says that USB is supported on Win10.

I don’t know why it has such description, perhaps it is about common feature status - implemented, but not release yet.