Why are we still using the mailing list?

I didnt realised that the mailing list was still in use, I tought it was over since a long time.

Having the maling list and also qubesos forum split a lot the Qubes OS community, it make it harder to share information and from helping each other.

I just never even used mailing list of my life, all software/open-source/security community I joined just never used it. But worste that that you need a google account to join it in the case of QubesOS. And in a community that value a bit privacy and the use of open source software it’s seems like a odd situation.

The interface is ugly, it’s hard to find information, it’s split de community, we need a google account and it’s an old way to communicate not efficient at all. When are we going to do the 100% switch on this forum ?

Several step can be taken to help this transition :

  1. Change de description in top of the maling list and include a link to the forum
  2. Annonce every month on the mailing list that using the forum is preferred
  3. Put a dead line in a long time that the mailing list will not be use anymore, like in end of 2023 for exemple
  4. For anyone that is using both the maling list and the forum, include a link of the forum at the end of a reply
  5. Push the team of QubesOS to use more the forum instead of the mailing list

Hi @quququbebebe. The official forum is not supposed to be a replacement. Instead it’s an additional venue of discussion.

The original forum announcement addresses these exact points.

To be clear, this is not a replacement for our mailing lists (such as qubes-users and qubes-devel), which will continue on as they are. This new forum is simply an additional place for discussion.

Many open-source projects (such as Fedora and Debian) have both mailing lists and forums (and additional discussion venues). In fact, Qubes already has non-mailing-list discussion venues such as IRC and Reddit. We believe that this additional venue will foster the continued growth of community participation and improve everyone’s experience. In addition, we fully expect that many community members – especially the most active ones – will choose to participate in both venues. (Again, for those who still prefer interacting via email, Discourse supports that too!)

I highly recommend you to read the full announcement

The key advantages of the forum is that:



Not true: https://www.qubes-os.org/support/#google-groups

Also, you seem to be under the impression that there is only one mailing list, when in fact there are many for different purposes: https://www.qubes-os.org/support/#mailing-lists