Where you can find Qubes OS ( Official and non-official)


Just a ramdom idea after reading this and this

We maybe need to monitor all the the non-official way of communication out there of QubesOS so we can quickly know and proof which one are official and which one are not the official one to users. And it will also help people from here to go to these place more easily and report back via forum/twitter/mailling more quickly in case it should be avoided or/and avoid the spread of misinformation.


[Non official]

[Non official to avoid]


I only know that one exists due to this exchange:

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Oh, my bad. I see you already found it.

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I discovered this application : Session Messenger (https://getsession.org/) There is an (unofficial) closed chat about QubesOS


Nice, thanks for sharing. The group is not that big but based on a nice onion routed technology (merged the best of i2p, Tor and Signal) https://getsession.org/faq

@deeplow does it make sense to log and update this chat/group list somewhere?

I mean, we can keep updating the first post. Is there link for joining the session group or a group name? How does one join it?


I’m in there just add me:
I will add you to the group. :wink:

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as this group is a closed one, you’ill need to have an invite from a member already in it

FYI regarding unofficial venues:


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Thank @whoami for the info :slight_smile: