Weird notification -- Denied: whonix.newstatus

I’m new to this and trying to learn the ropes so bear with me.

I’ve gotten whonix 15 installed and connecting to tor but there are a few instances where I will get a notification in dom0 saying something along the lines of “Denied: whonix.newstatus from sys-whonix to sys-whonix”

This happens in the following situations:

  • Networking a workstation through a gateway with a name other than sys-whonix
  • shutting down the workstation
  • shutting down the gateway

Again I have no issue connecting to the Tor network but I’m not sure what this message means or means for the anonymity of whonix. Any help appreciated!

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Hi there. This question may be better asked on the Whonix forum:

I have what it’s look like an equivalent problem with the following error on Qubes 4.1

 denied whonix.Sdwdate status
 denied whonix.Sdwdate status from sys-whnix to disp4478


Maybe it’s related too ?

Sounds similar to [Qubes] Ignore qrexec to self during vm shutdown by icequbes1 · Pull Request #3 · Whonix/sdwdate-gui · GitHub. Perhaps that fix was incomplete and is a starter for additional investigation.

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