Using the forum Via Email

Here are the short instruction on using discourse (exclusively) via email, for those who don’t like javascript / prefer email.

Enable Mailing List mode

This will forward every new post on the forum to your inbox. You may unsubscribe later from specific categories.

  1. Go to your user settings<USERNAME>/preferences/emails – replace with your username

  2. Click on :white_check_mark: Enable mailing list mode

Replying to emails

If you want to reply, just reply to the email and your response will show up on the forum.

Creating new discussions

You may also create new discussions. For that you’ll need to find the category’s email address under the respective “About” post for that category.

For any issues, please contact the moderators.

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I’ve done that, and I set the mailing list mode to:

Send an email for every new post except my own

Send an email for every new post except my own

And that’s what it does, but that creates bit holes in the mailing list thread, and in case I started a topic I don’t see that initial post.

Therefore, I would like ask whether it’s possible to add a third option like:

Send an email for every new post including my own

That would be fantastic. :smiley:

I don’t recall how, but I get a copy of all replies. I assume that i did
not select the options you chose.
I was told when the discourse forum was being discussed that email users
could not generate new topics. I don’t know if this is true and have not
tested it.

What if you have your MUA set up to BCC yourself on all emails?

Sorry I obviously wasn’t clear enough. I do get all replies, but not the one from the initial post, which I made in the forum.

I’ve BCC set, but I haven’t started a discussion via email yet, and what I could see so far not all categories’ email address are published.

I am a bit confused as to what you are proposing as the option Send me an email for every new post should do what you are suggesting as your third option. I just tested and I did get the first post of a topic as well as every reply.

But I checked the outbound emails and I can confirm that for this topic neither the first nor the third were sent (which could only make sense in the case you have the option Send an email for every new post except my own.

So this means that the problem probably is discourse related and not associated with BBC.

Could you just confirm again that that’s not the option that you have selected? @qufo

It should be working. See:

The only ones that should be missing that are the ones in the “In your language section”, since it’s probably better to find someone to translate the instruction on sending an email to that category in the native language rather than in English. But if you see it’s missing in other categories, please let me know.

Yes, that’s rather different from what I thought you were saying.
It may well be a deficiency in discourse. If you use a decent MUA you
could set some rules to CC you on this type of message, or save it to
the “forum” mail folder

Your right chose that option. I got confused because the other option has at the end, in parentheses: about 35 per day. I interpreted that as upper limit not as an estimate. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for poke my nose in it. :wink:

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