Trying to install Qubes on a Lenovo Legion 5, trackpad won't work

Hi. I am trying to make the switch from Mac OS. I just purchased a Lenovo Legion 5 “gaming” laptop that came with windows 10 and it meets the specs for Qubes. I created a DD Qubes OS USB, and have managed to get to the install scren by enabling legacy mode on the Legion 5. But I can’t use the trackpad and have been unable to progress in the installation. Can anyone help?

thanks so much.

@praksess: why not just plug an USB mouse for the installation?

Happened for me too, and this also happens on a debian buster install. Probably because the installation is optimized for PS/2 input. If you don’t have access to an external mouse, try using the tab key? That would let you move through the buttons.