Testing team - how to deal with in Forum

Nice long title to clear the filters.

There was a previous thread about feedback on testing which resulted in
the “Testing 4.1” category under #user-support.

We are revitalising the testing process in Qubes - there’s already a
mail group for this purpose. I wondered what people thought about having
a separate forum, (possibly closed membership), aimed specifically at
testing, or a “testing” category under User-Support.

The aim would be to have people commit to using the testing
repositories on stable (4.0), identifying any issues that arise:
these can then be tested and identified before hitting GitHub.
When a new version moves closer to release, the testers would aim to
systematically test open issues to ensure that they have been dealt with
in the new release, and can either be closed, or carried forward to the
new release.

What would be the best way to approach this for Forum users?


As a “4.0 Testing” subcategory

We could, for example create another subcategory User Support called “4.0 Testing” just like we have for the “4.1 Testing”.

“Testing” Category

It is also possible to create an entire category called Testing with “4.0” and “4.1” as subcategories.

It could be visible to everyone, but my guess is that this may not interest everyone so it could make to have a membership.

As Membership-based people could decide to join to freely join this testing and thus have access to the category.

Would this be something that makes sense for the individuals who are interested in doing the testing?

A small note, I prefer “4.0 Testing Team” than “4.0 Testing” which is too ambiguous, IMHO.

@unman : good idea!