Socks5 Proxy Tunnel VM

I am looking for a guide on how to setup a ProxyVM that routes all traffic through an encrypted socks5 proxy tunnel. I believe this would have to assume you are only using https to connect to websites and NOT http.

Once setup, if their were a simple way to configure/change the proxy address, it would allow for versatility in changing your socks5 proxy as needed.

A question I have about this potential setup is whether or not you would need an SSH server to route your local network traffic, and then have the SSH server forward all the traffic to its actual destination. Is the SSH server required for encryption?

Also, since socks works on the application level, would you need to configure firefox or chrome to use the socks proxy for this to work, or is their a transparent proxy option similar to sys-whonix for tor?

I am not a coder/IT pro as this is not my day job line of work, so please bear with me if I did not communicate the concepts of what I am seeking correctly. I appreciate any help that someone may be able to offer.

tldr: Socks5 ProxyVM Guide(if it is even possible) that serves as an encrypted transparent proxy tunnel, similar to the program Proxifier used on Windows.

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nope, you could transparently proxy any TCP connection via a SOCKS proxy ina VM.

Im not sure you are quite grasping the concepts. SSH (secure Shell) is an encrypted transport. Think of is this way - your local SSH client will listen for SOCKS connections on a port. Any traffic your SSH client gets on that port, it will send down the SSH connection to the SSH server you are logged into. The SSH server will will then send the traffic on. The remote server will see your IP as the SSH server IP. And your traffic between you and the SSH server will be encrypted. the SSH client and SSH sevrer do not care what the traffic “is”

this is a good pointer.

@adw are you aware if this ever got packaged?

No. As far as I’m aware, the status of that issue is current.

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will add that to my list of things to look into in spare time :wink:


it is not packed, but if using debian redsocks is available (not sure about the patch level) and the setup is fairly easy:

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