SaltStack Challenges and Experiences

I cant believe we are spending time on this.

There can be many top files, depending on environment, and use case.
The default name is top.sls.
You can have multiple top files, named as you will. If you group them
(as some people do) it makes sense to name them after state - some
people use name-top.sls, we use file names like
The state module has in vanilla salt which will load any
arbitrarily named file as a top file.

I think the Qubes implementation is a neat way of building state.

You seem upset by this conversation I’m going to stop replying, I didn’t mean to upset you.

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You should see me when I am upset. :slight_smile:
I can be short at times, for reasons. If that was too much, I apologise
to you and the forum.
Dont stop replying on this thread or any other. New input will always
be read, if not welcomed. Spazzatoio nuovo spazza ben la casa.

@deeplow - can you edit my last comment to remove the first sentence and
anything else you think appropriate: the final paragraph? - I dont know
how to do this via email. Thanks.


@restive please do feel welcome to continue this and other conversations on the forum. You are more than welcome!!! Hopefully this kind of stuff doesn’t happen again.

Done. Yes, I would ask for some refrain on your part of making those kind of comments – trying to create a welcoming space here :slight_smile:! And thanks for going back on your comment (that makes my moderation job way less stressful).

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Hey, thank you everyone.

Thank you @restive for the feedback, @unman and @deeplow for the acknowledgment and the amends. I cannot understate how important I think these last three posts are.

On a personal note: I had withdrawn from this thread a few days ago myself because I felt that during the last few exchanges the conversation had become louder than I’m comfortable with. I wasn’t sure how to provide that feedback however, despite thinking about it about it quite a bit, and I appreciate enormously the fact that you did @restive, thank you!

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That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun for you.
Hopefully we will be on better terms by the time that happens :slight_smile:

It wasn’t just the last response that bothered me, the way you have responded through this discussion seems to communicate that you don’t think I have anything of value to contribute, which hurts more because you are a developer in Qubes.

I don’t want you to feel bad about this or change your opinion, but rather try to see my point of view so at least when you disagree with me it’s from a place of respect. I would suggest rereading our discussion with that in mind.

Thank you <3 Yeah. Honestly I’m not worried by a community that has problems, I’m worried by a community that doesn’t acknowledge problems or overreacts to them. You seem to be doing a good job of this.

Thank you for saying so :slight_smile: <3


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