QubesOS 4.1 (alpha) Signed Weekly Builds


Following my message on the list (which can be found here too), we encourage you if you have any issue in installing Qubes R4.1 alpha release to test the weekly builds for Qubes R4.1 in development: Index of /qubes/iso/.

The ISOs are signed by “fepitre-bot” 1C8714D640F30457EC953050656946BA873DDEC1. Some of you already download latest R4.1 devel ISOs in openQA but they are not necessary signed and not built in a safe environment because it’s only for CI purposes. Please note that I’ve added build logs and also those ISO are tested in openQA too.

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@deeplow do you mind to pin it somewhere if it’s possible? Thank you.

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Pinned it on this category.

Added the “signed” word to the title to make this fact more evident.

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I’ll do some recurrent cleaning for space consideration. I keep only ISOs for the current month now.

sorry I am a bit new - where should I submit bug reports for the weekly alpha builds ?

I think you can use Qubes issues tracker: Issues · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub. In a standard way, describe the issue and precise the exact timestamp you used for ISO like e.g. 20210522.