[qubes-users] Cheap laptops that run Qubes

I'm looking for a laptop that can run Qubes without stress. I want the
cheapest one possible.
Please let me know which one I should get.

"cheap" and "stress" are relative.
You can pick up a decent corebooted x230 with 16Gb RAM and a good SSD for about 450
USD. You can go lower than this looking at an x220 i7, or an i5 - pick
up one for less than 200USD, max the RAM and add a good SSD, and you
could touch 300USD.
Take a beater, give it some love and you'll go cheaper for the same

People have different experiences - I'm currently on an x220 i5, with 13
running qubes - 1 running an analysis, 3 web browsers open, and vlc running

You'll probably get better answers if you say what your budget is, and
what you hope to do with Qubes.
You *can* work with an HDD and 12 GB RAM, but it's somewhat slow. But if
that's your budget, go for that and upgrade when you can. Prioritise the
SSD, and then the RAM.

I'd second what Unman said, to me getting a used (which most x220s would be now) is going to be your best bet. I have an HP 8460p and it runs qubes like a (slow) champ and installed flawlessly.

It is my hope that the HCL can have more information added to it, something like the year of the computer's release, or a link to maybe an archive.org copy of the specs, or maybe (somehow) an average price of what its going for on ebay or something similar

(Qubes team, I'd be willing to do the grunt work of getting the links and perhaps adding them in for each HCL; and adding the option to add, or asking submitters to add links might be a good idea as well?)