Qubes OS Fan Control

Hello, Opening new topic how to control fan.
So lm-sensors is installed by default.
I have running sudo sensors-detect and it detects thermal sensor.
Then sudo sensors and it shows only coretemp-isa-0000 and temperatures what is linked by that.
Now if i’m running sudo pwmconfig there are no pwm-capable sensors modules installed - It seems many facing this issue with linux, in my case i have pwm fan UEFI Secureboot is disabled, laptop is hp elitebook 8470p.
Question is what can be possibilities to cause this? Is it possible to control fan with qubes same way as you control fedora or debian or is it somehow linked qubes security feature that i cant control it? Is it possible to solve this somehow and it seems many just leave this case after pwm issue.

Yes, you can control fan - I use Lenovo laptops and install thinkfan in
dom0, but pretty much any fan controller should work.
dom0 is Fedora based, so you should look for Fedora packages that will
work with your HP, and install them with qubes-dom0-update