Qubes gpu passthrough

Are there any groups online working on gpu passthrough for qubes? There are patches for Xen to do cpuid spoofing like how KVM does it so gpus (Nvidia especially) can work in a vm. I understand (or at the least don’t care) the security risks with it. I would like to help with the patches and figure out why the patches for Xen dont work with Qubes 4.1.


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Hi, I’ve been looking for exactly the same thing, a solution get bypass code error 43 on the nvidia drivers in a windows VM.

I’ve think there may be 3 possible solutions :

  • installing custom nvidia drivers for windows (personally tried but failed)
  • patching Xen (somehow, probably by building qubes with custom sources)
  • installing and running KVM alongside Xen (again, I suspect, by building qubes)

I’m leaning more towards the third option at the moment, seeing as this exists : GitHub - nrgaway/qubes-kvm-dev
Similarily, don’t really know how this works or how to get it to work. Really lost here. I dont know the QubesOS project very well and need some help.

As a sidenote, I’ve been trying to build the 4.0 and 4.1 qubes images on fc32 and have been unsuccessful. Again, don’t really know how to troubleshoot that.

I’m hoping the community will help us.