Qubes custom install with Detached Luks

Hi, I’m trying to Install Qubes 4.0.4 & Qubes 4.1R1 on my SSD, with luks header detached to my pendrive.

I have create the logical volumes but for some strange reasons the partition are not getting detected in GUI.

Can anybody help me please.


The logical volumes are created but it’s not detected when i click on refresh to load my custom partition. Even if it says it’s already mounted.

You didn’t mention having seen this, so I’m dropping it here in case it helps at all. It doesn’t contain the exact answer to your question but might contain some relevant hints.

I’m trying to do a whole disk encryption leaving the header and boot-loader on the USB drive. So I don’t want the boot partition to be stored on the storage device. Hence I don’t need to create two partitions. I would like the whole disk to be encrypted without any boot files.

I have seen the documentation prior to the installation.

Something wrong with this???

You have to refresh disk first then select disk and choose advanced.
The document is somewhat outdated.