Pinged four times on non-subcribed thread

I have no idea why I was pinged four times for each of the recent responses when I haven’t participated in or subscribed to this thread. Probably a Discourse bug?

That might be something @deeplow could help with?

Could be. Just to make sure, could you check your notification level is on “normal” on the :bell: icon on the right-side of the page on the thread?

Small addition: on mobile the icon that deeplow is talking about would be found underneath the last response in a thread.

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It’s whatever the default level is, and this is the only case of abnormal pinging I’ve experienced. The notification no longer shows up when I click my profile icon at the top left right of the desktop version, but the notification emails are still in my inbox.

It’s probably nothing, but I just found it weird enough to report.

OK. Let’s assume it was a one-time bug. If it happens again, just ping me here.

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