PDF conversion fails: "Total Sanitized Files: 0/1"

I have exactly the same problem, setting default disposable vm helped, but now i can not convert more then 50 pages. I tried with fedora and debian disposable vms too. I get

Sending file to Disposable VM…


Total Sanitized Files: 0/1

Can I get more logs from qvm-convert-pdf?

Seems to be a different issue. Does it say XXX.pdf…0/?Request refused?

Make sure you’re not just running out of disk space inside the qube.

Sorry for the late answer, last week was horrible…

#deeplow: No, it doesn’t say Request refused, the only output I get is what I wrote above, nothing else.

#adw: I gave both VMs more RAM and storage, if the converter doesn’t need more GB for this task, I should be fine.

@Danka90 it seems to be a different issue, then. I’ve move the post to its own thread.