New Gentoo templates and maintenance infrastructure

This is the third article in the “What’s new in Qubes 4.1?” series. Previously: The New Qrexec Policy System and The GUI Domain.

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Not enough. I need about treefiddy

Jokes aside, this is great news–Gentoo was the first Linux distro I heard of when I asked a CS student which OS was the most secure (in 2012). Chrome OS is based on Gentoo and it’s considered one of the most locked-down systems out there (but a large part of that seems to be because of the verified boot, which cannot be replicated in a VM AFAIK).

I never got around to learning it since just installing it was far too daunting for a point-and-click Windows/OSX user. Looks like I finally have a reason to learn Gentoo and spend all my time compiling everything. Thank you!


Quick question–I’ve already installed the tree flavors in R4.1 but I want to install them on my R4.0.3. However, Gentoo isn’t in qubes-templates-community-testing for that release. Is there a way for me to install it, or is it limited to R4.1?

Yes it’s limited to R4.1 and there is no specific plan to make it available for R4.0. That would require too much work and time.

BTW, just a tip: Take care of allocated resources of your Gentoo template. If not, you would certainly scratch your head for non-sense reasons.


I’ve been trying Gentoo for a while years ago but wasn’t ready for the use-flags (or patient enough) and maybe for Linux in general back then. I stayed with Arch for several years before switching to Qubes.
Looking forward to trying out something new!

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Good to know for when I start poking around

And on that upbeat note, we might need to set up a support group for the muggles (like myself) who will be traumatized by Gentoo

Thanks for noting that. Pushed typo fix.