Monero Wallet/Daemon Isolation with Qubes + Whonix

Just a heads-up for anyone who is new to setting this up … Just don’t even bother going to the Official Monero Guide. Don’t worry, you’re not going mad, it’s just hopelessly out of date.

I eventually came across this github guide that took all the pain away. Highly recommended.

A few pointers I found as I went:

1.2. Create daemon’s AppVM: monerod-ws
Increased size to 100G

2.2. Create systemd unit
sudo kwrite /lib/systemd/system/monerod-mainnet.service
Replaced kwrite with nano

3.1.1 Install command-line only tools
sudo install -g staff -m 0755 -o root ~/monero-<VERSION NUMBER>/monero-blockchain-* ~/monero-<VERSION NUMBER>/monerod -t /usr/local/bin/
For the correct VERSION NUMBER look at /home/user for name of the directory (monero-x86_64-linux-gnu.v0.17.1.0). That’ll save you a few guesses lol.

4.2 Create communication channel with daemon on boot
Replace kwrite with nano

There. Now there’s my good deed for the day.

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Been trying to make this work, I indeed went along with the official monero guide.
Looking trough this guide, it seems to be the same thing, just different user or am I missing something else?
I always end up with socat failing:

2020/10/19 13:18:30 socat[4188] E waitpid(): child 4189 exited with status 127
2020/10/19 13:18:31 socat[4144] E waitpid(): child 4191 exited with status 127
2020/10/19 13:18:31 socat[4190] E write(5, 0x5da184961ec0, 1023): Broken pipe

@MrA you running 4.0.3 or 4.1? I’m at 4.1, so could potentially be something there that makes me unable to do this.

I’m on 4.0.3.

To update:
I had no problems with the daemon or the whonix gateway. No issue that you describe either.

However, there’s still an obstacle to overcome with the the wallet vm communicating with the daemon. It’s on my to-do, but still not to-done. I’ll be sure to update this thread when I get there.

Yeah, the daemon is all synced and good. It’s once I fire up wallet-cli the socat messages pops and wallet reports no connectivity with the daemon.