Making "Reporting bugs and other issues" More Prominent

Suggestion by @adw to make the following link more visible on the forum:

@deeplow, can we post that link in a very prominent place on this forum so that everyone sees it?

That sounds like a good idea. Here are a few places that come to my mind:

  • #user-support category description
    Just like we did on the #feedback category: “If you want to report a bug or other issue, please go here”.
    This would make it visible both homepage (on the category’s description) as well as when people click on the category itself (see the #feedback category for an example)

  • (globally) Pinned post
    If globally pinned it would replace Welcome to the Qubes OS forum!
    If locally pinned (within #user-support) we’d three pinned topics which might be too much. So we might need to think about unpinning either: About the User Support category or Qubes OS documentation

  • Banner Topic
    *I thought we had Welcome to the Qubes OS forum! as a banner which at the top of every page until the users click the “X”. But apparently that’s not the case. So that might be a place to do it.

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This option sounds good to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Done! :slight_smile:

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