Kali template for 4.0 updated

I’ve uploaded an updated Kali template for 4.0.You can pull this from
As always, signed by my QubesOS key - you’re trusting me to do the right
thing with this build.

The template works fine except that Kali enforces python-is-python2
when Qubes wants python-is-python3. There’s a helpful warning about this
at the Kali shell and instructions on how to change it. The only effect
seems to be that qvm-copy IN throws an error message, although files
are transferred properly. qvm-copy OUT works fine.
I’ve added terminator by request.
Wireshark works fine out of the box.


Thanks unman!!! Yep I seen terminator there love it


I would have some questions on the template page: https://qubes.3isec.org/Templates .

As qubes-template-kali-4.0.6-202106091045.noarch.rpm is a Qubes template, I guess it should be installed with a command line in dom0? If so:

  1. What is this command?
  2. How can we install a package in dom0 from a file that has been download from a VM? (since dom0 has no internet access)

Templates like Parrot or Kali are based on Debian testing. To avoid breakage when updating the core Qubes packages are on hold.

  1. Why templates based on Debian Testing can lead to breakage when updating the core Qubes packages? (or what is the difference with templates not based on Debian Testing?)

‘apt-mark unhold’ will remove the hold and allow you to update the Qubes packages.

  1. I’m confused. I don’t understand why there would be not breakage here. Why, in this case, updating the core Qubes package would not cause breakage?

I suggest you restore the hold (apt-mark hold) to make sure that the Qubes packages are not removed when updating other packages.

  1. Does this mean there is a way to:

    • update all the packages that are not core Qubes packages when the hold is activated and
    • update only the core Qubes packages when the hold is disactivated?

    If so, what are those 2 commands? (to be typed in the Kali template, I assume)

  2. What is the exact command to activate the hold? apt-mark hold core-qubes-package or something of the kind? (also to be typed in the Kali template, I assume)

Many thanks in advance for your answers!