Is There Documentation in Portuguese?

Also, is there a Qubes documentation in Portuguese? I think it would be better for me, as well for other Portuguese speakers to understand the documentation.

Currently not. There is an effort to localize the website, currently only in German, Spanish and French. Not sure what the progress is on that, but I know the language switching mechanism for the website is still a work in progress.

Adding Portuguese may be just a dedicated contributor away :slight_smile: Read more bellow:

There is also a project tracker for the localization progress. I think @michael would be there right person to ask here in case you’d like to help on that.


we are in the midst of implementing the website functionality for language switching (and have already implemented most other pieces of the translation workflow). once that happens we’ll open up the translation/localization repo again (hosted at - not available now). we decided it didn’t make sense to allow translations/localizations if they were not ending up on the website or in the documentation. sorry it’s been taking longer than we hoped.


That’s ok@michael . I know, translating something is not that easy.

A few years ago, I was planing to put subtitles on some videos of a playlist on YouTube to help my classmates who didn’t speak English to study for a test, and I thought it would take a few hours to translate the entire playlist, but just on the first video, it took 5 hours just for the translation, and I was exhausted.

It ended up I didn’t translate the videos, since I was unable to translate it before the test…

Anyways, “Adding Portuguese may be just a dedicated contributor away”! So I think I need to find some time to do that.

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Website localization should be live Soon™. Seems like we’re in the final stretch. Here’s a relevant PR for those interested:

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And a preview can be seen at (language switch button at the top-right)

It’s giving me a 403 error. Do you guys block Tor?

Nope. See TestDeploy creates link to, which says "Access forbidden!... Error 403" · Issue #6747 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Use this one instead:

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