Importing qubes-users discussions

the auto-search for solutions is very powerful with Discourse, good point. I agree this seems like a lot of work and if we make it active (with constant import of new qubes-users emails) it’s not clear how folks can handle that (such as having email notifications only for Discourse-specific posts, not imports).

maybe one last flag is that there is also a lot of user support & troubleshooting going on in the Qubes reddit which we are unable to import as well.

it seems the leaning is towards not trying this. once there is clear consensus on this I think this is the final item we needed to decide prior to announcing the forum to qubes-users list?

I just wanted to go though the settings and see if anything is missing and I also have another comment on restructuring / reordering of categories, which I plan to address until the end of the week. But we should be just in the final stretch.

Hum. I think the solution I found only applies to migrating from google groups and not periodic syncs, unfortunately.

Good point. I was looking at discourse’s meta forum and I wasn’t able to find someone who has attempted to migrate from reddit to discourse. One thing that could be done would be to try to being some users from reddit onto here though sharing some headlines there of the discussions taking place here. But I think that can be a discussion in itself and can be done after announcing this on qubes-users.

I was simply responding to when you said:

Ah, I see. Yes, that would be bad. There might be ways to go around that, but I can’t think of anything simple.

That further feedback has now been done so I think the only thing left do is get a consensus on this is Michael said.

Then we can :rocket:!

Let’s try to get a consensus on this @adw @michael. I was the one proposing this, but given the fact that:

  1. Qubes-users will still be active (thus have new discussions that won’t be on the import - and the import is not an ongoing mirror)
  2. The effort involved in migrating
  3. And the possible confusion it might generate

I think we can skip this for now.

If needed we may be able to do this in the future without loosing any posts as long as we leave the forum in read-only mode during that migration operation.

Thanks, I agree.

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That’s very strange. I quoted your post in my last post above, and it appeared in the edit window, but it disappeared once I actually posted my comment.

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Im for skipping, the effort in porting and redirecting is high. docs can be updated to here and user migration will organically happen over time. there will be some duplication and im sure us mods will end up linking people who cant use a search box but thats just an inherent risk of any migration of a user facing system

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@michael it seems the consensus is building toward skipping this. What are your thoughts? (I couldn’t really tell from this post)

yeah let’s not try this for launch – thanks so much for looking into it.


I’ve found something related that seems way easier to implement: mirroring qubes-users discussions.


This is an interesting option, especially in light of google’s interface requiring login now. It would be an alternative to, and would allow (I think?) to easily search and reference threads on a mailing list.


Pretty much :slight_smile:

I’ll play around with this in a private category to see how it works and report back.

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I agree with @marmarek’s assessment. Thanks for testing it, @deeplow!

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You’re welcome!

I’m having a bit of trouble though with confirming the account with qubes-users. Some discussion is following up on discourse’s meta forum:

Updated the first post to reflect the new discussion.