How do I setup Phoenix Qubes with Salt?

So I’ve read through the Qubes Salt Documentation and I tried creating a new VM and that worked great but I’d like to be able to put the configuration in git. I saw this post so I enabled the user directories which might make this easier and I’ll probably be able to use these formulas to build all the required VMs but it would be good if I had a worked example if anyone has had any success with this already?

see here for an example. I think it will be useful.


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Hi @restive! Like @qubicrm pointed out, I am in the process of writing down my notes about creating Salt formulas (and installing them).

The progess is tracked in this forum post where I’d be happy to discuss what may be useful to you.

I finished writing a tutorial about writing a Salt state (no pillar) a couple of days ago, and the guide on formulas (state + pillar) will take some time, but the docs that @qubicrm linked already contain links to example code that you may find useful.

Again, I am happy to help answering questions in the meantime, either in this forum (if the questions are specific to using Salt in Qubes OS) or in the discussions section of the GitHub repository that contains the code examples if the questions are more about Salt than Qubes OS. :slight_smile:

Kushal Das did a nice write up on simple salt in Qubes:

You may find these notes from a training course I ran useful - they
cover almost all aspects of using salt to provision templates and qubes.
There are plenty of examples to back the notes:

There are a number of simple formulae for Qubes in my shaker, which
range from installing useful “Office” applications to provisioning a
caching proxy, and setting up the Qubes build system:

If you have any questions, I’d suggest using the forum, since they are
likely to be seen by more eyes, and may be of use to other Qubes users.