HCL - Lenovo T430, coreboot, R4.1

I have a T430 that dual-boots R4.0 and R4.1 using current-testing.

Attached is the HCL for R4.1, though R4.0 works fine as well - just different kernel and Xen version.


Hardware info of note:

  • 4GB of RAM
  • Wifi chip removed on purpose, so wifi is untested
  • Runs coreboot payload with SeaBIOS
  • Flash has been ME-cleaned
  • External displays not tested


  • Dual-booting R4.0 and R4.1, shares LUKS-encrypted BTRFS filesystem, file-reflink pools
    • R4.1 GRUB gets the MBR
    • I added a new partition and installed GRUB to it to to chainload R4.0 from the R4.1 GRUB
  • R4.1 self-built ISO as of June 11 2021 installed without issue, BIOS mode
  • Initial qubes-dom0-update performed after install, then switched to current-testing and fully updated
  • Fedora 33 template fully updated, then switched to current-testing and fully updated
  • “Youtube” test passes:
    • Fully updated fedora-33 template
    • Firefox 89 in a dispvm → sys-firewall → sys-net [ethernet]
    • random video: plays and hear sound. 1080p quality plays
  • sys-usb webcam and mic passthrough to a dispvm running cheese worked AFTER assigning 500MB to sys-usb
  • Suspend/resume works

Software customization notes:

  • i3 instead of xfce4 window manager
  • current-testing repos in dom0 and fedora-33 templates
  • No debian or whonix
  • dom0_mem=1024M added to Xen options to restrict dom0 to 1G of memory
  • All other memory-balanced VMs have max memory set to 1.5G
  • This is not a primary machine, just one to hack with

In other words, Qubes R4.1 works on this laptop. I didn’t submit the R4.0 HCL as it’s redundant but R4.0 and R4.1 work perfectly (albeit with limited RAM).


Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-23445HU-20210614-124026.yml (913 Bytes)


Thank you @icequbes1 for your HCL report (and editing it yourself
already in a way that left very little for me to do)!

It is now part of this pull request:

… and will be available on the website soon!


Initial reactions after a bit of usage:

  1. In R4.1, X was automatically using the modesetting driver and I observed some visual artifacts when dragging window or scrolling through Qubes Manager VMs.

    I forced it to use the intel driver and those artifacts went away. Even with X using the modesetting driver, 1080p Youtube videos still played fine (though high CPU) and the artifacts were not observed in playback.

  2. Improving battery life, frequency scaling, and power management will take some investigation. I’ll have to do more R4.0 vs R4.1 back-to-back investigation, but it appears under R4.1 battery drains a little faster when idle.

  3. With sys-firewall, sys-net, sys-usb running, I can use 2-3 other qubes comfortably with 4G of RAM (but see the memory limiting stuff I mentioned above in the first post).