HCL - Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401IV-HA112R 14"

Installation instructions

  1. Use ISO Qubes-4.1-20210117-x86_64.iso from here: Qubes OS openQA: qubesos-4.1-install-iso-x86_64-Build20210117-4.1-install_btrfs@64bit test results
  2. Make sure secure boot is off.
  3. When booting to install, select “Install Qubes OS 20210117” and press e.
  4. Add nouveau.modeset=0 at end of row 4 (after quiet), press Ctrl+x.
  5. Finish installation and boot into OS.
  6. Optionally create usb qube since this must be done manually but add exception for keyboard at early boot: USB Qubes | Qubes OS
  7. Since kernel 5.4 has some limitations (no wifi, hdmi etc.) download 5.11.4-1 via another computer from: Index of /r4.1/current-testing/dom0/fc32/rpm/ (both kernel-latest for dom0 and kernel-latest-qubes-vm for vms)
  8. Transfer files to laptop and to dom0: Copying from (and to) dom0 | Qubes OS
  9. In dom0 terminal install each package using dnf install filename.
  10. Set new kernels as default.
  11. Restart and you are done!


The important things work:

  • Wifi
  • Sound
  • HDMI
  • USB (internal & external)
  • Fedora 32

Works sometimes:

  • Mousepad (can require extra restart to start working)

Not tested:

  • Bluetooth
  • Microphone
  • Suspend
  • Fingerprint reader


Qubes-HCL-ASUSTeK_COMPUTER_INC_-ROG_Zephyrus_G14_GA401IV_GA401IV-20210312-153852.yml (996 Bytes)

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Thank you @Alethia for your HCL report!

It is now part of this pull request:

… and will be merged by the website maintainer soon.


Thank you for the report, soon…this laptop will be my daily driver. My question is:

Thank you.

Actually I think secure boot is not supported by Qubes at all: Secure boot support · Issue #4371 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Regarding the rog-core lib, from the readme it says that it is obsolete and has been replaced by asus-linux / asus-nb-ctrl · GitLab which supports kernel 5.11. I haven’t tried that though.

Thank you for your answer. I’ll report soon when the laptop is arrived.