Graphene OS Template?

I saw a post on matrix (grapheneOS room) about possibly having graphene OS as a template for qubes. How doable would that be? What usability concerns/problems would there be? Assuming it would work, I think it would be great as it would allow users to have an extremely secure guest- What are your thoughts?


So GrapheneOS is derived from Android. So I think in order to have to support for it, first there will need to be android support in Qubes.

There are ways of running it in Qubes already but it’s not very well integrated yet (I’ve had android VM myself). Some related threads:

So maybe following the same steps but for graphene OS may produce some results. But it will take considerable effort.

Other than that I’m not aware of any other effort in this direction. (would like to be proven wrong).


I too would like to see this happening, one of the major drawbacks that cybersecurity experts point out in QubesOS is that it uses insecure guests.

GrapheneOS would be one of the most secure guests that QubesOS could use, running it in a xen container would make it extremely resistant to exploitation.

Perhaps Daniel Micay could lend a hand with development?

Já agora, boa sorte na tese :slight_smile:


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