Can't reply to [qubes-users] threads

I wanted to post a reply here: [qubes-users] Hardening Guide for Paranoid Noobs?
However, there is no reply button anywhere. I was thinking maybe it is due to the fact that the last reply is already a month old, some forums will close old threads for replies. However, there isn’t any notification that I can’t reply there because it is too old. So I’m not sure this is the case.
I could of course open a new thread, but I thought it would be handier to keep all hardening tips in one place.

I believe this is because the thread in question originates from the qubes-users mailing list. Replying to those threads from the forum doesn’t appear to be available.

It’s not a matter of age. Rather, the mailing list category is read-only because we don’t have a way to send your replies to the original mailing list, so your reply would only be seen by people on this forum, not by people on the original mailing list. It’s a bit of an open question which behavior would be more intuitive for users, and @deeplow and I welcome your feedback on this.

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Ah yes I see it now.
In this situation, people who don’t using mailing lists may not reply, but at least all users can read all replies. If replies on the forum are allowed and the people in the original mailing list don’t see the replies, it might be more confusing.
Would it maybe be possible to automatically append a note to imported mailing list posts that if users want to reply they need to reply on the mailing list?

I think maybe a pinned post announcing that could make it easier. Supposedly I enabled a setting that would show a message like that when the user attempted to reply, but instead it seems users just don’t see the reply button. Can you confirm this is the case @icequbes1?

Yes, that is correct.

Some more feedback on this issue by @Raphael_Balthazar (from this other thread).

My hypothesis is that because the mailing list posts are now unmuted by default, people are seeing it on their “discourse feed” and may forget (or know yet) that these cannot be replied to.

This solution that I posted earlier would not help here because the users would have to go to the #mailing-lists-read-only-mirrors:qubes-users category specifically to see it. But my hypothesis is that the entry point to this user confusion is actually the homepage.

Food for thought

Hi @smlt. You can’t reply because that’s a read-only copy of the mailing-list “qubes-users”. If you wish to reply to that message, you’ll need to sign-up for the mailing-list here and reply to that topic via email (not sure exactly how to reply to a past topic, though).