A fond farewell to Discourse

Just wanted to make my last post here before the move. It’s great to have watched interest in Qubes expand to the point where such a move is feasible–I think this shows how much security-awareness has risen especially in the past few years, what with Equifax, Colonial, Solarwinds, and other high-profile incidents.

Here’s to another great year for Qubes and its users, and to cyber-security in general.


P.S. It seems my title which lampooned how often people write ‘Discourse’ as ‘Discord’ had to be edited.


:rocket: :raised_hands:

Just a reminder that in an ideal world Qubes wouldn’t need to exit. Security, unfortunately is attacker-driven. But because we do not live in an utopia and humanity is often malicious, I’m really happy with the growth.

Btw, all our conversations and posts will be there. Nothing will be lost. Just making this clear :slight_smile:

Haha. Yes, Discourse, not discord. You’re not the first making that confusion and won’t be the last.

Also @fiftyfourthparallel thanks a lot for your insightful contributions, as always!


It sounds that @fiftyfourthparallel used the word “discord” on purpose to mock this common mistake…